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Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions and other things you may be wondering about Möller’s and our products.
Is it dangerous to take more than the recommended daily dose?
What is the difference between liquid cod liver oil and omega 3 capsules?
Can you be sure that Möller’s products are pure and free of toxins and other environmental contaminants?
Can pregnant and breastfeeding women use Möller’s products?
Can small children take capsules?
How to distinguish between "good" quality and "bad" quality omega 3 products?
Should Möller’s products be taken with food?
Can you combine several of Möller’s products?
What gelatine is used in our capsules?
Is there soy or gluten in Möller’s products?
Can people allergic to fish/shell fish use Möller’s products?
Do Möller’s products have documented effect?
How much is 5ml cod liver oil?
What is the difference between Möller’s Cod Liver Oil and Möller’s Extra (liquid)?
How long can a bottle of cod liver oil be open before it begins to oxidize (go rancid)?
How do you remove cod liver oil stains from textiles?
Can infants take cod liver oil with lemon or tutti frutti taste?
Is there any way to prevent fishy repeat (reflux) of cod liver oil or fish oil?
How to choose the right omega 3?
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Recommended omega 3 intake
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