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Möller’s Double

Helps keep you healthy

Möller’s Double is a unique combination of natural omega 3 from fish and vitamins D, A and E. Omega 3 essential fatty acids have a documented effect on heart, blood circulation and brain. Vitamin D increases the uptake of calcium in the body and is a prerequisite for strong bones. Vitamin A is vital to many of the body’s functions, such as the immune system and sight. Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant that helps protect the cells in the body.

Great alternative

Möller’s Double gives you the beneficial nutrients of cod liver oil in capsule form. Möller’s Double is an excellent choice if you want a convenient and tasteless alternative to liquid cod liver oil.

98% absorption

Möller’s Cod Liver Oil contains omega 3 from fish in natural triglyceride form (DHA + EPA) in contrast to the synthetic ethyl ester form. Natural triglycerides are absorbed efficiently by the body (98%).

Who can take Möller’s Double?

Children over the age of 10 (or that are able to swallow capsules) and adults.

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Möller's Omega 3 Anti-reflux
Omega 3 with anti-reflux guarantee
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Möller's Omega 3 Anti-reflux
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